The legend comes back! Play the fashionable game 2048 in a completely new addictive way! 2048 Solitaire is a novel game which combines the gameplay of solitaire and 2048.

Slide around to choose the right column and tap the screen to put the bricks up in limited time; otherwise, the bricks will fly straightly. The same numbers will be added up in multiples of 2. Let as many same numbers merge as you can, the higher scores you will attain. The game is over when brick reaches the bottom line and there is no numbers could be merged into multiples of 2.


•  Addictive and innovative gameplay

•  Easy to learn, hard to master

  • Minimalism graphics

  • Suitable for all ages

  • Attain diamonds to purchase gorgeous skins

  • Challenge your brain

  What’s you highest score? Ready for fun with 2048 Solitaire!